Saturday, June 18, 2016

David Shevlino Workshop

David Shevlino's demo the night before the workshop
 day 1 figure
 day 2 portrait
 day 3 figure
day 4 figure

In my quest to become a better painter, I had the opportunity to take David Shevlino's 4 day workshop at the Carmel Visual Arts in Carmel, CA.  First, I would like to say what a generous and nice instructor David is. He was very accommodating to requests to demo or spend time individually with our paintings. He is a master painter and I came away with having a little more comfort with using a bigger brush and how to lose edges. If you have any interest in learning more about David's work (he has videos and books), click here. BTW, the brushes he had on his materials list are from Rosemary & Co.  Painting the figure is good exercise for learning to paint everything else!