Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cat on the Table: Final Version

Oil on cradled panel
The challenge on this painting was figuring out how to put color is such a neutral scene. Obviously the table cloth had its own yellow fiesta. Little color notes were put into items on the counter, pot on the stove and chair covers.

This painting was accepted into the Tracy Art League Expressions Show. See it in-person starting 2/17 through 2/24. Click here for the Expressions page.

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Have a great weekend! We finally have some sunshine here in California!.


  1. This is brilliant Kaethe. It is so what cats do - get somewhere they aren't supposed to go and then just look at you. Super

  2. The earlier stage of this painting was very impressive, but the finished version is absolutely stellar in every aspect. Pat yourself on the back, Kaethe!

  3. What seems a simple painting on first glance, turns out to be a brilliant work of perspective and complexity. So clever to produce so much from such a limited palette ... love it!

  4. This has to be one of my favs of all your work. Very complex and masterfully painted. You should enter this in a national show.

  5. Thank you all for these lovely compliments! I have to say when I came upon this cat, it was a chance happening that I had to paint! And Julie, I entered it in a local art league, got honorable mention and sold. It's also this months 3rd place winner in Daily Paintworks. I am so glad people enjoyed it! I have this yearning to do animals and interiors!