Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Painter

Last year I attended a great workshop with Peggi Kroll Roberts (phenomenal teacher BTW). It was a 5 day outdoor figure class. I was able to take photos of the models and as you can see, some participants. The class was at a winery in Lodi. You can see the barrels in the background. This is an 8x10, acrylic on clayboard. Sold.


  1. Lovely the colors, composition, contrast. I feel the sun & shade.
    Do you use Golden open acrylics? Just bought some and want to experiment with them.
    Peggi's workshop sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. I do use Golden Open and thier heavy bodied acrylics. I love how I can keep using the paint on my palette for a couple of weeks. I would high;y recommend Peggi's workshops. She sometimes goes to the east coast to teach. Her link is on my blog list. Thanks Kim for commenting!

  3. Beautiful painting, Kathe. Great composition and I love your painting style. Lovely!

  4. I think your paintings are wonderful. And I've heard that Peggi Kroll's workshops are very good.

  5. Oh thank you so much! Yes, I think Peggi is awesome. I have taken from her for several years and always get something new, an "aha" moment, each time.