Friday, January 6, 2012


I just finished this 5x5 acrylic on canvas for the SPCA auction held a couple of months ago. It was a fun one to do. Oscar's photo was supplied by his parents.The photo of the painting was done with my new photo shoot kit (Shutter Starz). I am still learning how to take better photos of my work. After spending an hour and a half playing with lighting and settings on my camera, this was my result. I would say the tripod and the timer are my best friends!


  1. Hi Kaethe-You've captured the spirit of this little guy perfectly. Nice work.
    It was interesting you got a Shutter Starz kit, I received the Polaroid Photo Cube which is a 16x16 since I work small. The small lights sit on both sides outside of the cube and difuses the light and I also have a small tripod to go with it. Works well even if your flash goes off. Love it!

    Success in 2012.


  2. My kit sounds very similar to yours. I wonder if there is a big difference? Mine also comes with the lamps and the tripod. It is also similar in dimensions. I'll be checking your pics :)

  3. Love the painting! I like the way you warmed up the colors compared to the photo. Is that more true to life or just an artistic choice?

  4. Hi Linda! I didn't realize how much warmer the colors were until I posted the pictures. I think I interpreted the colors without thinking about it.

  5. Hi Kaethe,

    Your pet paintings are bright and cheerful. They make me want to meet the pets. Moe is the cutest, though. I love the way you use color.

    Hey, what kind of a friend would make a back-handed comment like that...about your high school painting?

    I was so good to talk to you! Your Bud