Saturday, July 7, 2012

Delta View

Yesterday I went with my friend Sylvie to a public garden to paint plien air What does this scene have to do with my outing?  My plien air experience was a good learning session that turned into a "wiper". I decided to participate in the DPW weekly challenge and unlike yesterday, I am happier with the outcome. This is a 6x6 acrylic on claybord. SOLD


  1. Beautifully done, glad you were happier with this one!

  2. Very nice Kaethe. It captures a real peaceful feeling

    1. Thanks Rose! You are such a good friend to post on my blog! Guess I owe you a glass of wine :)

  3. Sorry about the wiper, but I love what you did with that challenge - this is a beauty! You have a great eye for color, Kaethe. I can empathize with plein air frustrations - am new to it as of this weekend - I think I love it, but it is so difficult and hence, frustrating. When I went to buy a backpack to fit my tripod on Saturday, I got side-swiped by the manager of the store in the K-Mart parking lot! Sheesh. Wiper or side-swiper, I suppose we gotta suffer for our art. :)

  4. I suppose it is those "wiper" days that make you appreciate the other moments of satisfaction. I have been painting plein air for several years now. There are very few of those paintings that I would show someone. I am excited to see YOUR work Karen! Your comments mean a lot!