Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28: The Bassetts

iPad painting

My friend Birgit is always a good source for reference photos! I think these guys were waiting outside a coffee shop. iPad paintings are great for me right now. I made a promise to Scott to keep the counter clear when I am not painting. The set up and take down is a little time consuming. I'll try to paint tomorrow. Hey its Wednesday!


  1. Another stunner.
    When you call it a painting does that mean you use a brush on the program or is it a drawing and then color added? Really curious.
    Can you print it out and are the colors the same as on the screen or can you print it on a paper you can touch it up with pastel or something?
    Hope you can answer on your blog ...pretty please.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I do use a brush tool on the program. I am using a stylus most of the time. I think you can print these out but not too large. The files are not that big. The way I am able to post is this... I save the image to my gallery, I click on my image and then click on the mail icon. It will ask if you want to send it as a jpg, gif, etc. I send it to myself. Go to my computer and save the image there. I use photoshop elements to crop. If you used the image for small projects like cards or just a small print, it should work fine. I do draw my basic shapes but then go back and paint. Obviously the highlights are white. I use the eraser tool to get pure white. Is that helpful? They are fun and fast!

    2. Your Bassetts are terrific!
      I especially love how you treated the pup in the shadow.
      Would you please share which program you used with your iPad? Or which app?
      Thanks so much.

    3. I use ArtRage on my iPad. It wasn't too expensive when I bought it 3 years ago... 7.99? Can't remember exactly.

  2. Kaethe, I love how you keep your wonderful, painterly style even when working on your Ipad! I bet you'd enjoy a Sensu brush in addition to your stylus.

  3. Love the warms and cools. Very nice.