Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dinner Party

acrylic on cradled panel

"Dinner Party" was inspired by one of the many family gatherings we attend. I love getting candid moments that speak to the everyday experience.

This painting will be available through the Studio Art Gallery in San Francisco starting on August 27th. This is a group show titled "Delicious".  Come join me on August 30th for the reception!


  1. Love the viewpoint and crop; your warms and cools are awesome; great highlights on the plates & glasses & it evokes warm emotional feelings. What a beautiful entry for that show!

  2. what an outstanding painting! beautiful!

  3. You are into "major painting" with this one. It is fabulous.
    I have a friend in California who paints weddings. All different types of informal paintings of the guests and this has the similar natural feel to it. It is like... I could start to hear the murmur of the conversations just by looking at this painting. Hope you do more along this line.

  4. So complex and beautiful, Kaethe! I could look at this painting for hours. Well done!!!

  5. Is is a stunning painting! I am hoping to move on to painting interiors from painting still life's forever.....this has given me such inspiration, though I don't expect to come up with anything as stunning as this! Well done, as someone has said previously, you are onto a winner with this, more of the same please!

  6. Masterful Kaethe. Energetic, great palette. Love the place settings. Great attitudes with the people. It's complex but you make it look effortless. Love it. I hope to make it to the opening!