Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 20: Bird on Branch

acrylic on canvas

Today was a day I was glad I invested in some teeny tiny brushes. To protect myself from eye strain, I tried not to make it too detailed. This image comes from my cousin Theresa. She takes awesome nature pics!

To see the "30 in 30"click here.


  1. Kaethe, your birds are just lovely! I especially like this one and yesterday's. I read your profile and learned that you are a boater. So am I. Do you paint while out on your boat? I enjoy that, and taking photos of the sunrise in pretty harbors.

    1. Thanks for commenting Bobbi. When we go out on the bay, I don't paint but certainly will take pics. I paint while we are docked, on my table easel which sits on our galley counter. Our marina is filled with subject matter! You obviously can relate 😎

  2. Just like all your other little tonal gems, this one is wonderful, Kaethe, and I especially like the composition.

  3. Oh boy - it is beautiful, as is yesterdays bird.
    I cannot believe how small this actually is because how beautifully you composed it. You should enter the miniature shows. Not everyone can do what you well as you do it.