Saturday, November 14, 2015

Side Tie Reflection

acrylic on cradled panel

When I come home, I walk down a ramp and this is what I see to my left. I don't think I truly captured the sense of light and reflection that captured me but its my "go" at it.
If you are in San Francisco this weekend, come by the Studio Gallery for the "TINY SHOW" reception, 1pm to 6pm.  Everything is 7x7 or smaller. There is a "HUGE" counterpart as well.


  1. What a fabulous view - Lucky YOU!
    I like the abstract shapes and the way you painted the water is amazing. I have seen the water as reflective and still as that. I hope you do another marine painting, Kaethe
    Life on the water sounds very romantic

  2. Kaethe- I love your boats and I agree with Julie, the water is amazing. You have such a command of acrylics, something that is hard to do.

  3. Lovely, Kathe. I don't spend time at the water - lake or ocean - so I don't know exactly what you were trying for but I think this is very well done.

  4. I think all your marine paintings are stellar. But what strikes me most in this one is your firm grasp on the helm when it comes to composition. It's super, Kaethe.