Friday, January 29, 2016

Alexandria: Little Kauai Princess

acrylic on gessobord
This is Alexandria, middle name Makalapua. She is riding on her father's shoulders in the original reference photo. I am pretty sure she has her parents wrapped around her finger, hence her royal title!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! What a poppet and you have captured her expression so well.
    Nice to see you back Kaethe!! Have missed you!

    1. It's nice to post again. Thank you Wendy! I love how you share your work and life in Australia. My niece misses it a lot! Congrats on doing the 30 day challenge!

  2. Happy New Year, Kaethe. I've missed seeing your fabulous paintings. This little minx is a delight; I love the hands! You've captured her animation and vitality perfectly. It's marvelous!

  3. Well, Kaethe, you sure have made me a happy camper !
    Love seeing you back on your blog..
    This painting is full of happy feelings and I love the way you caught the bright sunlight. They go together perfectly.