Thursday, March 24, 2016

Worker Bee

oil on cradled panel

The inspiration for this painting comes from the pmp-art site. Photographer Paul Sherman posted the reference that I could no longer ignore. I hope to have this in the Valley Art Gallery for the spring show.


  1. The feeling of sunshine is wonderful, Kaethe. I really like the way you've rendered the light on the petals, and how the bee is "tucked" right into the flower. I can almost hear that hum of industrious contentment!

  2. Love the light in this one Kaethe!

  3. The variety of purples in the petals are a wonderful lesson all on their own. WOW!
    And the little reflected light on the underside of the bee is exquisite.

  4. Just catching up on your last few paintings Kaethe and as usual I am in love with all of them! Your blog is a veritable celebration of sunshine!

  5. love the light in your paintings Kaethe.