Monday, May 26, 2014

At the Beach

acrylic on cradled panel

I don't know if you remember my post at the beginning of the month when I painted roses while in Hawaii. I said I might have to paint a tropical flower when I get back to the mainland...I decided on my couple here, instead. Whenever I go home, my cousin and I drive around the island so I can take photos. We stopped at Laniakea Beach. This is where the sea turtles have come since 1999 to feed off the green stuff you see growing on the rocks. You can actually stand by them in the water. They are beautiful! Just don't touch or try to hang on. They are protected by law. And I know...I didn't paint any in this scene. 


  1. What a nice look...The water is so pretty!!!!

    1. Thanks Sue! It was even better in person!

  2. Beautiful Kaethe! Your colours in the water are GORGEOUS! I love the blue reflections you have in the sand and in the figures' shadows. How wonderful to be able to see the turtles up close. Did you go for a swim?

  3. You really capture the light! I would love to see a sea turtle! I go to sarasota, FL in the winter and haven't been lucky enough to see one. Love your work!

  4. I love your paintings and their styles! Beautiful pieces!