Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wine Country

acrylic on cradled wood panel
This was done today for "The Vineyard Challenge". I have been painting away all weekend knowing this will be a busy week with limited available time. I actually finished 3 commissions and working on 2 more. Hope everyone is happy or will be happy with their paintings! 


  1. Perfection Kaethe!! I have long dreamt of doing a vineyard scene and if it came out looking anything close to this I would be thrilled to death!!

  2. How great is this! Sunny day in the vineyard. Wonderful painting, Kaethe.

  3. Kaethe - I can see the influences of the artists you have studied with. I love your colors and your interpretation. Wonderful painting!

  4. I love your painting Kaethe. It is so vibrant and fresh. I especially love the foreground greens and your impressionistic brushwork there. Looks very realistic in the thumbnail. I think I learned a lot from viewing other artists work in the challenge :)

  5. Really nice directional lines, Kaethe! Super depth!