Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 11

Staedtler Fine Point pen

I work full time as a dialysis social worker. Whenever a patient has a successful surgery for their access and gets their catheter taken out we give them a little "shower gift". The little rubber ducky and soap is part of it. When the catheter gets taken out, its safe to shower again! So this is why its my lunch time sketch. I have these in my office. The pens too!


  1. Great sketch!
    Humor is important - what a neat way to celebrate freedom to shower for the patient.

  2. How charming, Kaethe and such a nice thing to do for the patients.

  3. What a jolly sketch!
    Such a kind gesture during a stressful time. I've known several kidney patients, both when they're on dialysis and post-transplant. Every little moment of cheer is treasured. You do a very worthwhile job, Kaethe. That you also manage to pursue your art so diligently as well really earns my admiration. (It also makes me feel rather lazy by comparison, but we'll not go into that. Good for you!)

  4. Fun sketch and an interesting story behind it. Goodness prevails!