Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Days 9 and 10

drawing with pen

I know of many artists who sketch before deciding on a painting. If you ever meet up with Tim Horn ask to see his sketches. Peggi Kroll Roberts has beautiful contour drawings of figures. Their studies are fantastic. I am trying to get into better habits and one of them is sketching. Drawing is a very basic skill that is an essential element to a painting. I have heard many critiques on paintings that point to an incorrect drawing. I can tell what I am going to need to work on here!


  1. So true. It is a challenge for me also.

  2. fabulous sketch!
    I adore Peggi and her brilliant sketches and paintings. I organized a workshop for her here in New Mexico because I admire her work so much.
    You have a great eye and can draw amazingly well,Kaethe, like this powerful little sketch, but it is your eye for color and values which leave me breathless.

  3. A great little sketch Kaethe. I agree that many of us need to do more drawing but we are just too lazy or in a hurry - lol. I need to get in the habit too - good luck!

  4. Too true, Kaethe. It's easy to neglect honing drawing skills, for its own sake as well as for its value to our paintings. Your sketch is great. I especially admire how you simplified the light and shadow areas -- indeed as Peggi Kroll Roberts does. You're very good at that. I find I tend to fiddle and lose the impact...so, you're right, practice is the key.