Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 30! ... Parked

This is the end of the 30 day challenge. I just want to say "THANK YOU" for following me, making comments and looking. It has really meant so much. I am lucky to feel supported by you. This is from a photo I took in San Francisco while on a photo field trip in Carol Marine's workshop. I spent a half hour yesterday on this and then I finished it this morning.  6x6 acrylic on gessobord. If you would like to see the artists participating in this challenge click here.
Thank you everybody!


  1. I really LOVE the lavender road!!!
    the tilt of the VW reminds me of the one my hubby had before we got married. waaaay back then it was old, and got stolen for parts.
    it has been a pleasure following your marvelous art during the challenge.

  2. Love the bug Kaethe. Strong notan and composition.

  3. Hi Kaethe, I have enjoyed seeing your work and will continue to watch what you are doing via your blog. I noticed you have taken some workshops with Tim Horn. I am a big fan of his too and hope to someday take one of his workshops too.
    Love today's painting!

    1. Oh thanks Sandy. Tim is a great teacher and good person. I probably take from him at least once a year. I want to do his Maine workshop one day.

  4. Kaethe this is great! and your butterfly, and the last few days! Awesome!

  5. Kaethe, what a grand finale! I love this painting - such wonderful colours and ambience! Who can resist a veedub(VW)?
    It's been so much fun to follow your progress over the challenge - I think your work really stands out from the crowd. And I've really appreciated your visits and support throughout the challenge!

  6. Your work is wonderful, Kaethe! And all look great together on your collage. Bravo!

  7. What a great little piece--months after the photo! Makes me want to go back to mine and see if there's anything I can do with them.
    I'm tickled that we were there together and yes, glad to know you and your art too!