Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4, Beach #1

This was the last of the 3 beach scenes I painted but I decided to post it first. I like it the best and it has more going on than the other two. The panel I used has a lot of texture to its surface and that is why it looks like I dry brushed it. I have decided that Open Golden acrylic paint is not heavy bodied enough for this type of surface. This is on a Dick Blick cradled studio panel. I plan on continuing to use them with my oil paintings though. 4x4 acrylic. 


  1. those clouds are fantastic! Wonderful little beach scene. I'm enjoying watching you paint this series!

  2. Kaethe, the texture of this really appeals to me, because it almost makes me feel the sand. One of Monet's plein air seascapes , The Beach at Trouville 1870 actually has sand imbedded in the oil paint. You've achieved the effect without even getting you hair blown about!

    1. Wow, I didn't know that. I am going to see "Impressionists on the Water" exhibit this weekend in San Francisco at the Legion of Honor. That will be right after the Diebenkorn exhibit at the DeYoung. I am excited!

  3. What a great painting Kaethe - very impressionistic! Love the colours - and the clouds are great. Clouds are a sore spot for me after yesterday's painting, so I admire your beautiful clouds all the more!